Bowen Therapy Vs. Headaches And Migraines


Bowen therapy is a bodywork that involves stretching the fascia gently to relieve pain. Fascia is the soft tissue covering muscles and organs. Bowen therapy is sometimes referred to as Bowtech or Bowenwork. This practice is more of a massage than a treatment. It is based on the idea of relieving pain by nervous system stimulation.

Thomas Ambrose Bowen from Australia created this practice whereby it acts on the autonomic nervous system. It restrains your sympathetic nervous system and activates the parasympathetic one. Besides being a good practice for shoulder pain, Bowen Therapy can also help in relieving back pain, neck pain, headaches, and migraines.

In addition, the practice is sometimes used for specific ailments like respiratory conditions, cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, high blood pressure, depression, and fatigue. Even though the treatment has not been deeply researched, this article will compile information on how Bowen therapy treats headaches and migraines.

Types Of Headaches Treated Using The Bowen Therapy

Rebound Headache

It is usually caused by overusing pain medication. Even though the pain medication is meant to relieve your symptoms, an excess is likely to cause a rebound headache. Using medication in excess means taking two doses in less than a week. If you opt for Bowen Therapy, you will receive pain control that will likely decrease your medication use. This will help you to avoid the rebound headaches while suppressing any initial headaches too.


Migraines are severe headaches that can weaken you. They change your vision by creating blurriness. Besides, they also result in high light sensitivity. These headaches can even last for weeks, impacting your everyday life.

A Bowen Therapy will help to reduce the severity and frequency of the headache. It will reduce the impact of migraines on you while reducing their overall number too.

Sinus Headaches

Sinus headache creates a pounding pain around the eyes and nose. They feel as if you have received a direct punch from a heavyweight boxer. This headache is sometimes described as an icepick forced into the head, but all the descriptions result in a pounding pain.

Even though sinus headaches are pretty uncommon, Bowen Therapy can be used to relieve them. Alongside an antibiotic prescription, the therapy will certainly ease congestion to ease the air passageways.

Temporomandibular Joint Headaches, TMJ

This pain is experienced by feeling pain on one side of the face or feeling tender at your jaw’s joint. The pain can only be relieved by addressing its source.

A Bowen Therapy will realign the jaw through gentle massages around the face. This will balance you both mentally and physically.

How ABowen Therapy Works

Currently, there is limited scientific research about how this practice works. Sometimes, you may be skeptical: how does it work? Some studies indicate that the therapy can be used to treat pain, flexibility, and motor function. However, when using Bowen Therapy, you may expect to experience some of the following side effects, if not all

  • Increased pain
  • Soreness
  • Tingling
  • Tiredness
  • Stiffness
  • Flu-like symptoms


Though there is limited research on Bowen Therapy, therapists say that it is ideal for pain and motor functions. Before getting involved in the practice, it is recommended you first consult a Bowen Therapy specialist. You should express your concerns and ask questions before the treatment.

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