How to refill your delta 8 vape cartridge to save money?


The skyrocketing interest in vaping Delta 8 THC brings accessibility to affordable cartridges, disposables, and pods. But expenses add up while creating plastic waste when continually replacing empties. Luckily, the process for refilling most Delta 8 cartridges with quality oil you source separately proves simple, safe, and economical. With some effort upfront gathering materials and learning techniques, you reuse cartridges indefinitely. This allows customized oil blends and strengths too. Refilling your Delta 8 vape cart takes a little practice, but saves substantially for sustainable usage.

Why refill your delta 8 cartridge?

Purchasing prefilled Delta 8 cartridges seems easy yet costs dearly over time. Their disposable nature also leaves excess trash. Home refilling addresses both issues:

  • Saves money – Prefilled carts range from $20-$50+ depending on potency and oil volume. Just 1 gram of concentrated Delta 8 distillate for DIY refills costs $15-$25 and can fill 5+ half-gram carts saving hugely.
  • Full control – Filling your own lets you pick the ideal oil viscosity, cannabinoid blend, and strengths missing from commercial offerings.
  • Minimizes waste – A reusable glass or ceramic cartridge lasts for years, eliminating waste. Some metal types may leach.

Choosing your delta 8 oil source

Quality cowers when refilling carts yourself without independent lab testing from a third-party facility. Thus, double-checking purity documentation and trusting customer feedback hold even higher importance when selecting bulk oil sources. Search for companies with flawless reputations providing certificates of analysis confirming:

  • Solvent-free extraction methods (Supercritical CO2 ideal)
  • No heavy metals, microbial, pesticides, or other contamination
  • Detailed cannabinoid profiles including Delta 8 percentage and other contents like CBD
  • Statements on sourcing, manufacturing & testing transparency

Ideally choose non-GMO hemp as starter material for the safest, cleanest end products. Once you gather all needed supplies, refilling empty Delta 8 cartridges follows this straightforward workflow.

  1. Remove the mouthpiece from the cartridge by gently pulling it off with pliers wrapped in a paper towel to protect it from scratches.
  2. Use a paperclip to loosen and remove the rubber stopper or screw-on metal connector top keeping the heating element intact inside the cartridge glass.
  3. Attach the syringe tip tightly to the cartridge bottom opening. Pull the plunger to draw old oil remnants from the cart into the syringe. Discard absorbed liquid.
  4. Add Delta 8 distillate into the mixing container. Thin slightly with terpenes if too thick for syringe drawing. Load the syringe fully with the measured dose.
  5. Insert the syringe tip into the emptied cartridge bottom side and slowly depress the plunger to fill without introducing bubbles. Refill slowly to prevent overflow leaking. Leave 10% space.
  6. Quickly replace the rubber stopper or metal piece tightly once filled.
  7. Snap the mouthpiece back onto the screwed-on top by pressing firmly with a pliers-wrapped cloth.
  8. Let sit upright for 5 minutes then flip upside down for another 5 to allow oil saturation into the wick before the first puffs.

Tips for best results refilling carts

  • Master the filling technique slowly to avoid messes.
  • Start with small test batches to finalize ideal oil ratios.
  • Use warmed distillate for easy syringe uptake.
  • Ensure metal connections fit tightly to prevent leaking.
  • Label each uniquely blended cartridge for reference.
  • Clean used hardware fully before adding new mixtures.

Just focus your initial efforts on sourcing top-quality bulk oil and assembling the right equipment. Streamlining the easy workflow makes enjoying customized delta 8 vape very affordable long-term.

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