Prayer for Cancer patients


Cancer often occurs abruptly. This diagnosis still comes as a shock. Not only to those who are diagnosed it is disturbing, but it also affects all other family members. Commonly the first reaction is anger, rage, and terror. People fear pain, cancer progress, uncertainty, and their future. Death and sickness are challenges for some people who threaten their confidence.

Below are a few tips to keep alive prayer experience positive:

  • Pray sincerely. It’s not time to hold off!
  • Know prayer does not require words. Prayer for healing may be all tears, sighs, and just settling into the sacred.
  • Do not think about falling asleep while praying. Moms do not mind their babies falling asleep. God does not mind your higher power either.

Keep hope alive 

People need to stay strong and hold hope in cancer conditions. The Word of God is the most powerful tool they have to ward off threats to our faith as His children. They should be mindful that while the illness can be crippling, people must rely on the will and grace of God.

Each time of the day, God is with you and even in this time of struggle, He knows you inside and outside and knows the pain you are feeling right now. Under such a case he alone can rescue you.

This is just one of many God promises in His word for you. Studying the word of God lets you learn all of the facts that pertain to you in the Bible. God is conscious of what you are going through. He needs you to just speak to Him and trust Him. God will give you hope and faith in your situation regarding healing, health, and power.

In this post, we’re going to list some powerful prayer points for a cancer cure and giving strength in the disease situation. Don’t lose trust and God will contact you only when you need Him.

Prayer for healing cancer and strength

I know the burden of my recovery is on your shoulders, so I put this burden of cancer in your hands and I ask you to raise me in body, soul, and spirit even when my trust is shaken and hope declines. I pray for faith, motivation, and energy.

Please work in my head; take all my worries away, please. I believe you know what this disease does to my body right now, I pray you, please, be merciful to me.

I know nothing is impossible for you, so in this condition of my life, I do the prayer for healing. Please let me know your plans for me, and make me feel your love like never before. My life experience has taught me that not everyone who falls ill gets healed. Help me to learn and appreciate your intentions for me if that happens to be me in this case, and let me be still.

I praise God for the faith I have in healing and health. I hope, Lord, that you direct my disease to the doctors. Amen.

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