How to curb your addiction and live a healthy, clean, and sober life


Are you or the people that care about you concerned that your addiction is taking a toll on you? Has someone talked to you about how to have better control? Do you feel that you are drinking too much and too regularly? If yes, then maybe it’s time to start working towards being clean and sober. Your loved ones will be so proud and happy you’ll be shocked by the number of sobriety cards that will be sent your way.

Tips to help you curb your addiction

While many people benefit from just cutting down on their usage, it’s quite a process for others. Here are some steps that may help curb your addiction slowly, but surely:

1. Set a goal and put it in writing

Come up with a list of all the reasons why you wish to stop drinking. These will act as a source of motivation and help you stick to the goal. Afterward, set a goal that will help you reduce your alcohol intake. You can talk to a doctor about the right quantity to cut down to.

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Keep a record of all the information about your progress in a diary. Every day you’ll realize how close you are to achieving your goal.

2. Avoid bad company and don’t keep alcohol in your house.

If people around you are always using alcohol or other addictive substances, always say no to their offers. You don’t have to drink just because they’re drinking. If they do not respect your decision, then maybe it’s time to make new friends.

Also, not having alcohol in your house is very helpful as you’re trying to quit. Instead, substitute it with other non-alcoholic beverages like juice, water, or soda.

3. Seek support

Tell your loved ones that you’re on a journey to quit alcohol and let them know that you need your support. Alternatively, you could talk to professionals like doctors, therapists, or counselors.

4. Find a hobby and keep busy.

Picking a new hobby will keep you occupied and hopefully distract you from thinking about alcohol. Go for relaxed walks in the park, go out to eat, or to the movies. If you enjoy staying indoors, you could try writing, painting, learning how to play a musical instrument, or playing board games.

You could also start going to the gym. A lot of people have succeeded in replacing alcohol with working out and made it a lasting habit. What a better way to replace an unhealthy habit than exercise?

5. Be persistent

We promise you that this is not an easy journey. You should be prepared for all types of setbacks, but you shouldn’t let anything come in the way of your sobriety. Put in all the effort that it takes for you to reach your goals.


In the beginning, it may be very hard to imagine yourself completely clean and sober. But the truth of the matter is that it’s doable and you’ll start enjoying your life thanks to the many benefits that come with sobriety apart from saving money and living a healthier life you no longer have to lie to your friends and family, so your relationships are mended. Additionally, your anxiety lessens, andyour energy levels, sleep, appearance,and memory improve.

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