How can you create your dream smile with the help of an orthodontist?


Smiling is an important feature of people that is important to daily life, and some people naturally have a good smile. People who need a better smile can improve it with the help of orthodontics. Metal braces, transparent braces, and self-ligating braces are just a few of the many available braces. Modern braces are less noticeable while wearing them and are primarily used to treat orthodontic issues.

Fixed braces are used as an orthodontic treatment tool to guide the teeth into their permanent position or to correct them. Look at various kinds of orthodontic braces to correct smile and other issues.

Clear aligners

Clear aligners from an orthodontist Henderson NV are a special type of invisible aligner that offers various advantages. Clear aligners have a “user-friendly” design and are the most popular and practical transparent aligners. The use of clear aligners is invisible to others, and it is removable. Clear aligners are made of high-quality materials.

Braces include:

Metal braces: Metal braces, also referred to as conventional braces, are frequently used on children because they are affordable at an orthodontist Henderson NV. The metal wire that is threaded on the brackets, which are placed to your teeth, is intended to apply pressure to the teeth and eventually cause them to move.

Lingual braces: Similar to metal braces, lingual braces are to be placed on the inside of the bite. Lingual braces are invisible to others until the patient opens their mouth. In addition, it might not be the best course of action if you have a severe orthodontic problem.

Self-ligating braces: The bracket and wire method for this kind of bracing are quite effective. Specialists employ them far more frequently than the traditional approach nowadays. They are also less painful than other varieties.


This procedure corrects the position of the back teeth while also treating the front teeth. Since wearing it restricts movement, headgear can only be worn at night and in the evening. Your front teeth can protrude if you don’t wear the headgear the orthodontist prescribes.


A retainer is another type of orthodontic treatment device that is typically used throughout the last phase of treatment. Retainers can be put in by an orthodontist that is either of fixed or removable type.

When used, this procedure supports the teeth while the gum and bones are being relocated. If you wear a retainer consistently for the majority of your lifetime, you can straighten your teeth permanently.

Teeth removal

Removing teeth to fix orthodontic issues are rare. Usually, teeth removal is done to correct and enhance the placement of other teeth in the mouth.

Orthognathic treatment

For patients with a significant size disparity between their jaws, orthognathic treatment be used to relocate one or both jaws. This procedure is also used when the jaws are inappropriately connected to the skull.

Orthodontic mini-implants

Temporary anchorage devices are used to limit tooth movement while undergoing orthognathic surgery. This treatment was developed in the twenty-first century. Mini-implants are inserted in the spaces left by the roots of the teeth. The teeth can also be moved as needed by mounting them on the mouth’s gable and connecting them to a static brace.

Final thoughts

Even though the results of orthodontic treatment can be seen in as little as a year, there are proper care measures that should be followed. Some practices to follow when undergoing orthodontic treatment are maintaining good dental health, eating the appropriate foods, and wearing dental equipment as prescribed by a dentist.

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