A tricky situation faced by every couple who have difficulty in conceiving is whether to choose IUI or IVF treatment. Generally, your doctor will advise you about the options available for your fertility issue and also considering your high chance of achieving a successful pregnancy, either it’s naturally or with fertility treatment. However, this article will help you with information that you should know before opting for any of the above treatments.

Now we are going to discuss some bullet points that will help you in choosing between IUI versus IVF treatment. And also, it will help you to decide which approach will be good for you and your partner. You can also make an appointment with the experts at First Step IVF, The best clinic for IVF in Delhi, for a proper consultation.

Couples who’re undergoing fertility treatment, generally their first preference is IUI. In IUI, the process is quite simple as, insertion of prepared sperm into the woman’s uterus close to the time of ovulation and during their most fertile period. IUI is useful for couples who’re having problems conceiving because of their schedule problem or their work or tour schedules keeping them apart on their most fertile days of the month. IUI helps in keeping extra motile sperm and increases the chances of pregnancy. And also, it is placed directly into the womb that results in increased chances of pregnancy.

What many people don’t know is that, just like IVF, many women who opted IUI are given hormones or medication to increase the chance of pregnancy. This can result in the growth of more than one follicle, so the growth of more than one egg in a given cycle increases the chances of having twins or multiples. Some couples who are undergoing fertility treatment end up welcoming twins or even more babies. But, having twins and multiples can create chances of complications for both the mother and the babies. Sometimes, it takes three or four IUI cycles to get the same success rate as a single cycle of IVF.

Another common false thinking about IVF is that it is more time consuming than IUI. With the development in the field of IVF technology, couples are more comfortable to undergo treatment without disturbing their everyday routines. The key fact is that it takes only half a day to transfer embryo for IVF, which is the same amount of time taken in IUI to insert the motile sperm into the uterus.

If you are going through an emotional rollercoaster during the treatment, then you are not alone in it. Most of the couples who are undergoing this treatment face this problem. The path of infertility to pregnancy includes hope, joy, disappointment, and isolation. Couple’s emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing is very important when they’re trying to conceive. Spending time with each other and with your family helps in reducing your stress levels throughout the process. And also, there is one more reason for these mood swings, as females are given hormonal medication to induce pregnancy. So, these hormonal medicines sometimes cause major mood swings. And if you are feeling too much of emotions that you cannot control then talk to your doctor, tell them exactly how you are feeling.

In most of the situations, IVF proved to be the most suitable treatment for those who are trying to conceive. IUI can be successful for couples that are facing a hormonal imbalance or living apart in their most fertile period. On the other hand, IVF is usually beneficial for couples who are facing problems like male infertility, blocked fallopian tubes or miscarriages.

Women’s age is the primary factor that should be considered by the fertility specialist while choosing the method of treatment. IVF can be recommended to a woman if she is in her late-30s or early 40s as it also saves time rather than wasting on multiple IUI cycles that have high chances to go in vain. But the best advice will be given by your specialist after considering your medical issue.

A Best fertility specialist can tell you about the treatment you should opt after considering your medical history and fertility situation. It is very important to understand that every couple’s fertility situation is different. Infertility is not an incurable issue it can be cured and it is more beneficial if you consult with doctors as soon as possible. Consulting and starting treatment early will give you results soon.  And also choosing the right fertility specialist and getting the right advice will help you in building your own family.

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