Should You Get Transition Eyeglass Lenses?


Transition eyeglass lenses also trademarked as photochromic lenses come into existence in the 1960s. They were discovered by Daniel Stookey, one of the smartest corning glass works chemists and improved by Roger Araujo another innovative corning glass chemist of that time. Since then, transition eyeglass lenses have grown and advanced to greater heights leading to the current high-end and sophisticated lenses. There are so many brands and types of  and their benefits are many.

Greater Versatility

Transition lenses are now more versatile than ever before. A pair of high-end and sophisticated eyeglass lenses can switch from prescription sunglasses, dress glasses to luxury outdoor and indoor glasses.  You don’t need to change the lenses every time as you can switch between them to your satisfaction. The convenient and versatile nature of the lenses makes them great solutions for all.

Greater Visibility

Transition lenses are the most innovative and sophisticated choice of glasses to help you enjoy Mother Nature without having to alternate between lenses. Transition lenses have the power to block UV rays, cut the super bright glare caused by bright sunlight as well as prevent your eyes from the straining triggered by squinting bright sunlight. They help you avoid seeing via water eyes which trigger eye pain and headaches.

Super Adaptive

Transition eyeglass lenses also act as . They are created to be adaptive and flexible. They will darken when exposed to extreme UV sunlight and brighten when exposed to darkness.  They are intended to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays that can destroy your sensitive eye macula.  The macula is the central unit in your eye that controls vision. It’s usually affected by UV light, age, and smoking. Wearing sunglasses is strongly recommended as it protects the macula cells and prevents them from getting damaged.

Ready for Any Situation

Transition lenses change as per the current situation. They give your eyes maximum protection against dangerous sunlight and blue light. They have the power to block the blue light indoors which can strain your eyes and risk various eye problems.  As advanced and sophisticated as they are, transition lenses are the solution to the problems most people have to deal with regarding blue light indoors.  Since they change as per the situation, these lenses are what you need to keep your eyes safe when touring places with changing lighting conditions.


Transition eyeglass lenses come in a huge variety of options, which differ in quality and value. While searching, you need to get high-quality and durable lenses that match your search criteria and quality expectations. It would be best you buy from the best online dealers who offer customized eyeglass lenses based on customer requests and eye conditions.

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