David Crawford Sheds Light On The Process Of Hip Preservation


Hip preservation is a distinct type of surgical intervention that tends to prevent or delay the onset of arthritis, as well as a later requirement for a hip replacement. This procedure is most commonly performed on older adults. Dr. David Crawford, however, says that nowadays hip preservation has emerged as a key treatment that is used on patients even young in age who suffer from severe hip pain. Dr. Crawford is an Orthopedic Surgery specialist in New Albany, Ohio. He attended and graduated from Ohio State University College Of Medicine in 2007, and currently is affiliated with a number of hospitals including Mount Carmel New Albany Surgical Hospital.

David Crawford MD talks about the conditions addressed by hip preservation surgeries

When faced with hip injuries, people may exhibit symptoms like muscle weakness, pain, discomfort and at times even loss of mobility. There are certain hip problems that can considerably impact the quality of life and daily activities of people to a significant extent. David Crawford says that hip preservation surgeries often help people when it comes to diverse non-arthritic hip conditions, like femoroacetabular impingement and labral tears. He, in fact, is among the only surgeons in central Ohio who perform arthroscopic hip preservation surgery for labral tears and hip shape correction. He also is a specialist in anterior hip replacement and partial knee replacement.

Here are a few of the key conditions that can be addressed by hip preservation surgeries:

  • Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI): People who are diagnosed with FAI basically have an extra bone growth in the bones that form the hip joint. This extra bone growth tends to create friction as the bones rub together. There are three variations of femoroacetabular impingement, cam, combined impingement, and pincer, and they eventually lead to stiffness, pain and limping as the joints get damaged.
  • Hip Labrum Tear: A lot of athletes would be familiar with the problem of labral hip tears. This may happen when the labrum cartilage between the socket and ball experiences abrupt trauma due to repetitive movement over time or through a sports-related collision. Deep pain resonating in the hip joint is among the primary symptoms of a hip labral tear.
  • Snapping Hip Syndrome: Snapping hip syndrome can be extremely frustrating for people, even though it usually is an innocuous and painless condition. A snapping hip condition ideally is the byproduct of the tightened tendons and muscles around the hip. Symptoms of this syndrome usually occur as an audible snapping or popping sensation can be felt during various types of movements, such as getting up from the chair, walking or some types of exercise.

No person desires to struggle with the issues of hip discomfort and pain, and with the help of hip arthroscopy, they do not need to. Dr. David Crawford MD and many other orthopedic surgeons like him perform a minimally-invasive outpatient hip preservation surgery like hip arthroscopy with the pain of relieving the pain of the patients in the most effective manner.


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