The Use for the Drug Rehabs Now


It’s hard to get the addict to accept that he needs help. Usually they deny it, deny dependence. So instead of criticizing him with harsh words, giving a “sermon”, try to give clear evidence of his mis behaviors that are caused because of his dependence. The drug addiction rehab is essential there.

For example, if he gets to a point where he loses consciousness and faints on the living room floor, leave him there instead of taking him to bed so that when he wakes up he sees what happened to him. If he breaks something at home, show him and say, “Do you remember that you did it?” With a “tone” of making him realize, not condemning. You love him, but you don’t love what he does. And he has to know that. Be kind but firm.

Offer your relative treatment

Go to a psychiatrist in your city who deals with drug addicts, and offer your relative your company to see you. He can stay in denial, like “I don’t need this” or “psychiatrist is crazy” or “I’m not addicted” or he can accept it. If he accepts, go with him to the appointment. This is a supportive possibility. If he does not accept, continue to set limits with love but be firm: Do not allow him to use family money to buy drugs, especially his money; Do not allow him to use drugs in front of his children (if any), do not allow him to take drugged friends into the house, and other inadmissible behavior.

  • Remember that you can help him, but you are not responsible for his healing. This is his responsibility.

Tips for the drug addict:

Seek help from a psychiatrist and psychologist, preferably a Christian, so that other non-biblical philosophies do not interfere with treatment. The cause of drug use and other addictions is usually an anxiety or a great anguish that the person has and cannot resolve. Thus, she uses the drug to try to get well despite the unresolved emotional pain. Or, you may actually have been socially involved with the drug because of social acceptance and can’t get out. Because of the causes, it is important that you have professional help in trying to resolve these causes so that anxiety decreases and you can manage your desire to use the drug.


For now, the more you can keep away from friends who are constantly involved in this, the better. Avoid the temptation. We can only avoid temptation by moving away from it. And while you are in touch with your drug friends as well, the harder it is for you to have self-control so as not to fall back into use. So get away from them. If you are at risk from moving away from them and stopping the drug (if they threaten you), it is important that you tell this to your parents or caregivers in order to receive support for a child. There is a possible admission to a detox clinic, in addition to detoxification, to be relatively better protected outside the city.

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