Smart Choices for a Freedom from Drugs


On June 26th we celebrate the International Day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking. So this month we are going to work on the topic and at first we decided to talk to you, addict, who really wants to beat drug addiction. Know that there is a way out. The use for the rehab for drugs is important now.

Why do people use drugs?

Many of the outsiders who do not have or do not have someone in their family or friends who use drugs criticize, exclude and even have prejudice to who is a user.

Mainly because they do not understand that even though there are reports and news every day about the effects and what drugs cause on people and families, some individuals are still using and becoming addicted.

Many of these people who judge believe that someone starts using drugs for lack of willpower or moral principles and that they don’t stop using it simply because they don’t want to.

But it doesn’t work that way

Addiction goes far beyond that, being a very complex disease and simply giving up is not just a matter of goodwill, strength and good intention.

That’s because drugs have the power to change the brain in such a way that stopping them is a big effort, even if you’ve already made that important decision.

When can I consider myself an addict?

Another very common question or even may not be a doubt but a lack of self-assertion is knowing when to judge an addict.

For example:

I only use it once a day, so I’m not an addict.

I can still work and take care of my family, so I am not an addict.

Sure many people repeat phrases like these every day, however, fooling yourself is not an answer.

Understand when to consider addiction:

Addiction is a chronic disease that is characterized by the constant search for the drug compulsively and is difficult to control, even if the individual understands that there are harmful consequences.

Experimenting with drugs is usually a voluntary decision, however, repetitive use of these drugs may eventually lead to brain changes that hinder the ability to resist impulses, which are intense, and with the lower resilience caused by the effects of the disease, and it is considered recurrent.

So, you can consider yourself addicted when the urge to take drugs is uncontrollable or disrupting your daily activities, for example. But it is ideal to consult a specialist to find out.

Answer yourself these questions:

Do you think a lot about drugs?

Already thought of stopping and tried, but at the end of the day thought: I’ll use, after all, I can stop whenever you want.

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