What You Need to Know About Periodontal Cleaning


Visiting the dentist is a necessity that many try to avoid. However, a trip to the dentist should happen at least once a year.

It is not unusual that you may need to do a periodontal cleaning when you visit the dentist. Your dentist will explain to you the reason you need cleaning.

If you don’t know much about periodontal cleaning. Here is a look at why it is sometimes necessary.

Diving Deep

You may start to notice that your teeth have become infected if they look red and swollen. If they are tender and they bleed when you floss or brush then you require cleaning.

If your teeth appear to be getting longer then it is a sign that your gum is pulling away. To confirm this your dentist will measure pockets that may have formed with a probe.

If your dentist feels it is warranted an x-ray will be done. If it is found that you have an infection a periodontal cleaning will be done.

Preparing for a Periodontal Cleaning

Your regular dentist will already know your medical history but if you are visiting a walk in dental clinic for the first time your dentist will want to find out more about is your medical history. This is because periodontal cleaning can release bacteria into your bloodstream.

If you have had one of your joints replaced, have heart problems, liver disease, or any other condition that can weaken your immune system then it is likely that your dentist will prescribe an antibiotic before your cleaning.

If you are taking a blood thinner your dentist will usually recommend that you stop the medication a few days before the cleaning. However, this will be a collaboration between your doctor and your dentist.

How Long Will the Cleaning Take?

The cleaning will usually be completed in an hour or two and it usually requires a single visit. However, this depends on how widespread the infection is.

If the infection is widespread then your dentist will only work on one or two quadrants of your mouth at once. After every procedure, your dentist will give you instructions on how to care for your teeth.

After the procedure is complete you will be given a follow-up appointment. This is usually for a month later. Your dentist is also likely to ask you to come in every three months or at least twice per year to prevent the infection from recurring.

Take Charge of Your Dental Health

Your dental health is very important and a periodontal cleaning is one of the main ways in which you can combat infection and keep your teeth healthy.

The key is to make sure that you inform your dentist about your medical history and any medications you are on so that you can keep safe. After the infection has cleared up be sure to keep any follow-up with your dentist to prevent reinfection.

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