Dental X-Rays: What You Should Know And How To Prepare For It


Dentists use dental x-rays to evaluate your oral health. With it, your dentist Reston Virginia will be able to find any underlying problems that may not have been possible to identify on the surface level such as cavities, hidden tooth decay, and even impacted teeth.

Dental x-rays use low levels of radiation and are actually used commonly in dental clinics. They are typically performed every year to identify or keep track of any issues with a patient’s dental problem. Someone who’s going through treatment may also be required to get dental x-rays performed yearly.

You Should Expect It

If it’s your first time getting a full dental checkup, you will definitely undergo dental x-rays because it’s the best way for a dentist to capture the images of the interior of your teeth. Through dental x-rays, your dentist will be able to have an accurate representation of your teeth structure.

For children, dental x-rays may have to be done more often due to their rapidly changing teeth and jaw structure as they grow. Once they grow into their adult teeth, the need for dental x-rays will slowly decrease and normalize to the once-a-year approach.

There Are Many Factors

A common misconception about dental x-rays is they’re only needed when there’s a gum disease that can’t be checked or observed in any other way. While this is the case for some, your age, overall oral health, or history of gingivitis will also be considered.

Someone who is experiencing symptoms of oral disease is usually considered to be a good candidate for a dental x-ray. The radiation that a patient is exposed to with dental x-rays is incredibly low which makes it safe. If the dentist Reston Virginia uses digital x-rays instead of film, the radiation level is even lower.

Preparing for Dental X-Rays

You should cleanse radiation from your body days leading up to the dental x-ray. This will help protect yourself from exposure even further. Below are some food groups that you should take note of as they can help in cleansing your body of radiation:

Apples, oranges, plums, and other pectic-rich foods: these foods bind the radiation residues which helps in eliminating them from your body

Kelp, arame, wakame, kombu, and other seaweeds: these foods contain iodine and are rich in sodium alginate that helps protect you from radiation exposure

Chlorella, alfalfa, spirulina, and chlorophyll-rich foods: these foods neutralize all of the radiation-produced toxicity

Still Worried? Talk to Your Dentist

There’s nothing better than getting the assurance that you want from your dentist Reston Virginia. Tell them about your concerns with radiation and identify the ways for you to be better prepared for your dental x-ray. Though they may state what you’ve already read here, the authority that they bring on the matter will definitely help.

Doing a demo of what you will go through bar the radiation can also help reduce the uneasiness that you might feel during the process because it won’t be something that will feel too new anymore.

If you’re looking for the best dentist Reston Virginia, contact us today at Reston Dental Care. We provide gentle modern dentistry services to help bring your perfect smile back.

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