Differences Between A Tummy Tuck Procedure And Liposuction


No doubt that both of these procedures will reduce your fat tissue. There are two different procedures, but with the same goal. Both of the procedures are considered cosmetic ones, so they are performed by the plastic surgeon. If we analyze some facts about liposuction and tummy tuck procedure, there will be some differences.

What can you expect from the procedure?

Tummy tuck

You will be in general anesthesia during the procedure. While you are lying down, the doctor will make the incision at the bottom of the abdomen. Your muscles will be exposed, and if they are stretched out, your doctor will sew them and the excess fat and skin will be removed.  The rest of it will be tightened and closed with sutures.

A tummy tuck is a more serious procedure


During this procedure, you will also be sedated. If it’s a smaller procedure, your doctor may suggest a local anesthetic. After that, your surgeon will make small cuts, usually on the lower part of your abdomen. With a thin tube, the surgeon will remove excess fat tissue, and that will be done by the vacuum. Sometimes it can take several sessions to achieve your results.

 Who can be a candidate?

Tummy tuck

Women after pregnancy and people who lose a significantly lose weight are the good candidates for the tummy tuck surgery Melbourne at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne. The tummy tuck surgery will make your stomach flatter and your midsection will be contoured. In addition, you should reconsider a tummy tuck procedure if:

  • You are planning a pregnancy in the future
  • Your body mass index is bigger than 30
  • You are trying to lose weight
  • You have some heart issue
  • Liposuction

If you are looking to reduce smaller fat deposits, liposuction is a good option for you. It is usually done on the stomach, buttocks, thighs, and hips, and it will improve your contour. But, it is very important to know, that liposuction is not a procedure for losing weight, and you should not do it if you are obese.

Liposuction can reduce fat tissue in the different body parts


Tummy tuck

After this procedure, the results will be permanent. You will notice that your abdominal wall is stable and stronger. The results will stay if you don’t significantly gain weight, or if the pregnancy doesn’t stretch the abdomen.


When liposuction procedure Melbourne at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is done, the change will be noticed right away. Your stomach will be flatter and more proportioned. The results should be permanent if you maintain a healthier lifestyle. Some of the fat tissue will reappear after a year, but usually, it will accumulate in the different areas of your body.

Final word

While both procedures are performed to improve the appearance in your midsection, they have a quite different technique and results. Liposuction carries little risks during recovery time, while a tummy tuck is a more serious procedure.

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