Need of menstrual cup for women’s hygiene


The feminine health hygiene has become a topic of discussion among young girls and global development activists. In several countries, most girls, especially in rural places, are not aware of menstruation and confront many challenges at various locations. Therefore, it is highly essential to teach the knowledge of menstruation and health hygienic products to them.

Menstrual cycle

A woman’s body has to undergo multiple changes from the commencement of puberty until menopause every month to attain motherhood. This continuous process, driven by a hormone in the female body, is known as the menstrual cycle. During the menstrual cycle, the ovaries in the woman’s uterus start to release developed eggs, and the uterus lining builds up simultaneously. The next period begins again when this lining sheds if a pregnancy doesn’t occur. During this process, it is necessary to rely on hygienic products for personal hygiene. One such beneficiary product is menstrual cup. To know more about these revolutionary products, check out this article.

Phases of Menstrual cycle

The complete duration of the menstrual cycle can be segregated into four main phases: The menstrual phase (day 1-5) is the first phase where blood commences to come out of a vagina, the second follicular phase (day 1-13) where the egg cell matures and build up a soft tissue called endometrium around the uterine wall, thirdly the ovulation phase (day 14) where the matured eggs started releasing are swept by the fallopian tube and finally the luteal phase (day 15-28) where matured egg wait for a sperm to impregnate if it doesn’t occur then it disintegrates.

Advantages of using menstrual cup

A menstrual cup is a feminine hygiene device which suppresses the growth of bacteria that arises due to unhygienic conditions. It offers several advantages over pads or tampons. This amazing menstrual cup is affordable and safer than tampons as it reduces the risk of TSS. This cup can accommodate more menstrual fluid, approximately 1 ounce of liquid, which is twice that of other products. This airtight sealed cup prevents bad odor. This fabulous cup can last for long hours and provides overnight protection.

Need for hygienic products

During the menstrual cycle, the necessity for sanitary products has subsequently enhanced among women. Initially, women started using sanitary napkins; kind of an absorbent pad is kept under the vagina to suck up blood. Then tampons made its way as a hygiene product inserted into the vagina to get soaked with the cotton. However, these products cause skin irritation and expel filthy odors. Moreover, these products should frequently be changed to avoid certain health-related diseases.

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You may switch to an eco-friendly alternative named menstrual cup, which collects menstrual fluid from the vagina through a small bell-shaped cup, and it is free from allergy and has no detrimental effect on health. It can be accessed through menstrual to dig out the details of this fantastic product.

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