Should you buy the first air mask you find?


Not all air purifier masks online are equally effective in staving off the effects of air pollution. This article lists the attributes of a good air purifier mask.

Air pollution is one of the biggest problems facing mankind today. While the world has made tremendous technological progress, the same technologies that ease life have also contributed to air pollution. Rising numbers of cars, more industrial and construction output, indiscriminate garbage and crop burning, and reduced levels of rainfall, have all contributed towards making our cities and towns unfit to breathe in.

Every living organism needs pure air for survival. But the air we breathe today is rife with pollutants, toxic gases and other dangerous elements. In this scenario, it has become imperative that each of us uses air purifier masks.

What an air purifier mask does

If you are one of those wanting to buy air purifier masks online,  then there is umpteen choice across brands and types. There are several kinds of air purifier masks available, with different materials and functionalities.

Broadly, an air purifier mask is supposed to offer a continuous ‘filtering’ action for the air that enters the mask, before it goes into your system. The mask is fitted with a fan assembly that filters out the air and removes particulate matter and gaseous elements from the inside of the mask. Thus, you end up breathing purer air, as compared to breathing polluted air which is not filtered at all.

Ideally, the air mask must also keep the lower half of your face dry and free from sweat and heat build-up. When you buy an air purifier mask online, make sure that you do not get a cloth-based one, because it is bound to become manky with sweat and prolonged use. Even a plastic one without a fan assembly will not do, for the same reason.

Why you need the Dettol SiTi Shield advantage

Dettol SiTi Shield has your back in your fight against air pollution. It has a range of products suited to the needs of you and your loved ones, making sure that you do not breathe in polluted air in your city.

You can browse the Dettol air purifier mask online, and ask questions about its working. Basically, it is an ideal air mask that filters out over 98% of the particulate matter from the air that you breathe in, at any given moment. The mask is fitted with a micro fan that keeps the air inside the mask cool and clean, so that you do not feel discomfort from moisture, humidity and heat building up inside the mask. Hence you can wear the Dettol SiTi Shield air mask all day, and not feel uncomfortable even for a moment.

Besides, this air mask is quite durable, so it lasts for much longer than comparable masks. When it comes to protecting yourself and your loved ones from  has the perfect air pollution mask to offer

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