Beautifying your Living Areas with Flowers


Flowers are one of the cheapest accent pieces that one can have in order to give a room a face-lift. Unless you choose flowers that bloom in specific seasons only, most flowers are always available in your garden, flower shops, and the market. They come in various colours and fragrances and have the ability to light up a room’s look instantly.

If flowers can give a new lease to a room’s look, the effect it has on people is immense. Flower Delivery Hyderabad can uplift one’s depressed spirits and can help soothe feelings of loneliness in people.

Flower decor tips

Flowers help brighten up space. Whether placed in the altar or a console table in the living room, flowers never fail to cheer up an area. Usually, altars suggest a solemn mood, thus placing flowers in small vases will add colour and a festive feel to it. On the other hand, living rooms are where you entertain your guests. Placing flowers in this location adds vibrancy to the area and the room’s general ambience when entertaining. Pick long-stemmed flowers such as calla lilies or hyacinths for a stunning look.

Flowers help revitalize a room and an individual’s spirits. Any room, when decorated with flowers, makes the area elegant. Even bathrooms deserve some flower power. Using a clear vase, stick your blooms in floral foam and cover the bottom with leaves or sand to hide the foam. Place your flower arrangement on your bathroom counter, and see the double effect your mirrors make. With just one flower arrangement, you get to double the fun.

Decorating flowers based on colour

In your home, you may wish to set a different mood in each room. You may want a relaxed mood in your den, a calming mood in the bathroom, an energetic spirit in your home office to prod you to work, and then a sensual one in the boudoir.

  • Flowers keep the romance alive. This is not only true in relationships, but in general, the mood around you as well. Place a vase of peach-coloured flowers in your rooms or by your bedside table. Use roses so that the sweet fragrance of the flower is the only scent that surrounds the room. See how people who smell the roses respond to your every whim.
  • Yellow flowers can make people feel energized, and perhaps antsy. Pair this colour up with other calming colours such as blue. A pastel blue coloured flower will be one of the most calming factors. Do not be afraid to accentuate this floral arrangement with a white colour base and some green addons.
  • Orange coloured flowers are rare in nature. They can increase your energy levels and hence your productivity. Combine it with pink coloured chrysanthemums and evokes love and romance.

So, keep those flowers in bloom. See how they positively affect your rooms as well as effectively keep a calming and inviting ambience. Mix and match different coloured flowers and create assorted centrepieces. The best thing about floral decors is the variety of design options you can probe.

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