Gum Contouring Using Laser: What To Expect Before, During, And After The Procedure


Gummy smiles can affect the self-confidence and self-esteem of a person as the gums will alter the look of the smile. While the orthodontist Herndon patients trust knows that gummy smiles are usually inherited they understand why some people want to seek treatment to remove the excess gums.

For those considering laser gum contouring, here are some much-needed information to read about:

The Advantages Of Laser Gum Contouring

Of course, it is always best to look at all the benefits and advantages of the procedure before proceeding. When compared to other gum contouring methods, laser contouring results in reduced bleeding during and after the treatment as the laser cauterizes the wound.

Laser contouring of the gums also leads to faster recovery and reduced risk for infection, all of which are benefits patients look forward to.

Before The Contouring

The orthodontist Herndon will determine your candidacy for the procedure. Only patients with healthy gums and teeth are recommended to undergo laser gum contouring. If you are approved, don’t hesitate to ask questions about the procedure.

During The Contouring

Your orthodontist will either apply a local anesthetic to help reduce the pain and discomfort. Other patients may request for dental sedation to help them fully relax and even fall asleep during the procedure. Protective goggles will be worn to protect the eyes from the laser which is used to accurately remove any excess gum tissue.

Expect some minor bleeding, but the area will be wiped clean to ensure it remains sterile throughout, this prevents the risk of infection.

After The Contouring

Once the treatment has been successfully performed, patients are advised to go home and rest for the remainder of the day. Others may opt to rest for a second day, but most can already go back to work. However, it is important to avoid any strenuous activities and exercises for at least one week after the contouring.

It is fairly normal to experience some inflammation, swelling, and heightened sensitivity for a few days. Patients may take an Ibuprofen if necessary, but all signs of discomfort should subside in a week at most.

Caring For Your Mouth

Although laser gum contouring is an outpatient procedure, there are several aftercare steps that patients must follow thoroughly. It is important to stick to soft foods that do not have any sharp pieces as these can agitate the gum and delay healing.

After every meal, patients are reminded to do a warm salt water rinse with a mix of a little hydrogen peroxide to prevent infections. Be extra careful when brushing your teeth to avoid hurting the gums as they are healing.

Recovery Time

Patients recover at different times, depending on their health. Some patients may find that their gums are fully healed within just a week while others have to wait two weeks until they can recover.

While it takes time to recover, it is best to contact your orthodontist if there is persistent bleeding, swelling, and other signs of infection as soon as possible. Catching and treating an infection early is the only way to prevent it from spreading.

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