Did You Know that Pearl Can Be Used as Medicine?


Pearl contains calcined calcium according to Ayurvedic theory and hence it can be used as a medicine to provide various kinds of benefits to our body. In Sanskrit, it is known as Mukta and its source is from the mollusks which are found on the sea.

Besides calcium, the pearl also contains zinc, magnesium, strontium as well as selenium which are quite useful to our bones, skins, nails and also teeth. In addition to that pearl also contains amino acids which are considered to be the building blocks of all kinds of living creature.

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Pearls are considered to be absolutely safe to consume as a medicine. According to studies made by medical professionals regarding its safety, it was found to be totally harmless and it will never produce any kind of side effects in your entire life time.

How Calcination is done? 

Before the preparation of medicine, it is first of all purified. Following are the few objectives of its purification.

  1. To eliminate all the harmful matter present if any
  2. To modify its undesirable physical properties
  3. To convert few of its characteristics

As per Ayurveda, Pearls will be first purified by boiling it in the Sesvania Aculeata leaf juice for 2 to 3 hours. After purification, pearls will be placed on earthen crucible and Aloe Vera gel will be added and will be covered with earthen shallow plate having its edges sealed.

The sealing will be a clay simmered cloth within 7 consecutive layers and then dried. After that a pit will be dug in open space as per the required diameter. About half of this pit will be filled with by using cow dung cakes.

After that sealed earthen crucible will be placed over it, the remaining space will be filled with little more by using cow dung cakes. After that fire will be put on all 4 sides at the center of the pit.

After the burning, it will be cooled down. Earthen container will be removed and the seal will be opened and all the contents will be taken out. After that these calcined pearls will be grinded into fine powder with little more amount of Aloe Vera gel.

Thus, calcined powder will be formed which is also known as Mukta Bhasma.

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