Martin Sanders Discusses The Importance Of Staying Healthy And Fit


No one wants to have illnesses and diseases in their life. Everyone desires to be always hale and hearty, even when they are old. Martin Sanders mentions that staying healthy is quite a crucial part of growing up, as well as growing old. The health of people can significantly impact people both emotionally and physically. Staying healthy can go a long way to help people in diverse aspects of their life, whether they are young or old. It is crucial that people try to develop certain healthy habits while they are young, and maintain them throughout to ensure their well-being.

Staying healthy can go a long way in ensuring both the emotional and physical well-being of people. According to Martin Sanders, it is important that people eat the right food and keep fit while they are young. This would go a long way in making their body strong, and help them to cope with stress and fight diverse types of illness. Exercising often and eating well when people are young tends to play a significant role in ensuring their good health in the later stages of life. In addition to this, getting regular sleep is another element that significantly influences the overall well-being of people and aids them to stay fit. Staying up late at night often leaves people feeling tired the next day. Hence, everyone should at least try to sleep eight hours per day to maintain their good health and keep their mind fresh.

Martin Sanders says that while it can be a bit hard for people to maintain a healthy diet daily, they must try to do so in order to keep their body fit. Junk food and sweets should be avoided as much as one can, more vegetables and fruits should be incorporated into the diet. People must try to ensure that there is the right quantity of each food group in their meals in order to keep healthy. A single portion meal of people should ideally include:

  • Carbohydrates like rice bread, potatoes, and pasta. People should ideally have carbohydrates of the size of their fist for their lunch and dinner.
  • People try to incorporate proteins from non-dairy sources into their diet every day, such as tofu, soya, fish, meat, and beans.
  • One should have a bit of daily like cheese and milk every day as well.
  • At least five portions of fruits and vegetables should be had by people every day.

In addition to eating well, people should try to exercise every day in order to stay fit. Martin Sanders mentions that people should at least take a half an hour away from their daily life in order to exercise. They can easily engage in activities like walking, swimming, jogging, ice skating, skipping, dancing and yoga. These activities can significantly help people to enhance their overall well-being, and maintain good health throughout their life. Engaging in such habits while they are young would help people quite a bit in the long run.

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