Oil For Health


Say the words “essential oils” and some people immediately think of multi-level marketing schemes that encourage the public to buy hundreds of dollars’ worth of beautifully smelling but useless oil. While the marketing suspicious might be valid in some cases, many of the oils are still very much effective, depending on their quality. If you are looking to purchase oils, be sure they are the highest therapeutic grade possible. In other words, you get what you pay for, and you don’t want junk.

Various cultures have used essential oils for more than 5,000 years. Healing, elevating mood, increasing relaxation, preventing wound infection, and treating digestive issues are just some of the uses that go back eons. With such ancient experience and success, we today have much wisdom to draw from. While oils won’t cure everything, they can alleviate many symptoms and improve our quality of life greatly.

If you’re interested in getting started with oils, a few are especially helpful and easy to use for beginners. Frankincense, lavender, peppermint, lemon, and tea tree oil will never steer you wrong. These oils can relax your tense muscles after even the most stressful day, fight cold and flu symptoms, clear up skin conditions, decrease pain, freshen and sanitize your home, and help your digestion.

How do you use oils for these things (and much more)? It’s fairly simple. Depending on the oil, you might diffuse it, apply it to your skin, or even ingest it if it is food-grade quality. Reflex points, on various parts of the body, are a good location to apply oils, especially when you’d like to remain relatively scent-free. Application on your feet, for example, is less noticeable than applying an oil to your neck.

So what are these magical liquids? They are organic compounds derived from plants, flowers, bark, seeds, or even roots. The most common way to extract these compounds is distillation, which preserves their efficacy and maintains their purity. By concentrating these oils, their most powerful components are captured from the source. In fact, they are called “essential” because they are the essence of the plant. The oils protect the plant from insects and its environment, and they help the plant adapt to its surroundings. When a person uses these oils, they are utilizing the very protective benefits the plant uses for its own health as well.

Oils can penetrate human cells because they are very small molecules, which makes them highly effective in treating pain, among other conditions. Even some hospitals today are beginning to use essential oils in treatment for certain conditions. They see the oils’ power and potential to help patients relieve anxiety, improve mood disorders, and prevent infection. Beyond this, aromatherapy, or the inhalation of certain diffused oils, can greatly decrease stress in patients before surgery. Certain oils even help ease pregnant mothers’ distress during childbirth.

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