How to Choose A Reliable Pneumatic Tube System Provider?


Pneumatic Tube System or PTS is a transport technology that moves items from one point to another without any delay. Air pressure is used to transport carriers that hold the small transportable items from the sending station to the receiving platform through a tube channel. It is suitable for application that need simple operation and committed connection route between areas like a pathology department and an operation the after.

All the PTS are not created equally. You need to have a reliable and scalable system that evolves as the hospital grows in size and volume [patient]. The right PTS solution improves patient’s experience through fast medication delivery and rapid lab results turnaround time.

Features to look for in hospital PTS solution

Pneumatic tube system for hospitals requires hardware and software integration for an overall great performance. Hospital can access information, which helps to increase safety, enhanced patient experience, as well as lowers the operating costs.


  • System security integration for tracing and tracking carriers.
  • Simple interface for increasing efficiency and reducing errors.
  • Institutive dashboards for enabling real-time transaction views.
  • Management capabilities that will help to lessen the operational costs.
  • Effective and responsive server support for implementation ease and accessibility of updates.

How to choose a good PTS service provider?


Selecting an experienced provider with extensively trained team reduces the risk and disruption during PTS system installation. Their working with healthcare environment is a bonus. It is necessary to ask for reference because getting to know the provider’s customer demographics gives an idea of his capabilities to deliver the necessary services.

User-friendly system design

Even check the kind of training, PTS provider offers because the system includes advanced features like speed dial, chain-of-custody, and secure send. Employees need to be familiar with the system features to avoid confusion and time delays. Moreover, healthcare sector has to adhere to strict protocols. The system needs to be user friendly, so that it ensures satisfaction and confidence amongst the staff-users.

Tailored PTS system

The PTS system is concealed inside the hospital walls, basement, and ceilings. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure how well-designed it is to deliver optimal traffic performance. The provider will take many technical things into consideration like scalability, geographical location and traffic volume. Before installing the provider will conduct system simulation to validate that the PTS is tailored to your hospitals specific needs. It even holds potential to fulfill future demands as hospital needs grow.

Remote system monitoring

Even find out if the provider offers 24/7 customer support and remote monitoring capabilities. Remote monitoring is invaluable with respect to instant response to alarms, system return to normal operations, and reducing impact. Remote monitoring enables tube system up time reports, alarms, response time and corrective actions add to great proactive system management and overall performance.

To leverage the benefits of a PTS tubing technology it is crucial to take great care, during a design stage. The system buyers need to ensure that they consider the informed suggestions offered in the designing phase, so as to circumvent final performance disappointment because of unsuitable cost cuts, during procurement.

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