Joon Faii Ong – Medical Impact of The Innovative GyroGlove


Several people are afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease. One of the common symptoms of this condition is the involuntary shaking of hands. This is known as Essential Tremors, and it causes the person to drop and spill things. The presence of these tremors impacts their quality of life extensively. They cannot do simple daily chores like eat, drink, bathe, or even shop for their own groceries.

Joon Faii Ong – Adding value to people’s lives

Joon Faii Ong is the Founder of GyroGear -an esteemed name in the field of wearable technology in the world. He graduated from Harvard Medical School and has co-authored multiple medical publications with other prominent healthcare industry specialists on biomaterial engineering, stem cell culture, biomedical science, and more.

He is the inventor of GyroGlove – a unique glove that has gyroscopes- the revolving discs that make spinning tops stand upright. This glove helps people suffering from essential tremors maintain stability in their hands, especially when it comes to holding items.

Salient facts to note about essential tremors

He further goes on to say there are nearly 20 million individuals across the globe, and most of them are living with Parkinson’s Disease. The main mission of GyroGear is to ensure these people are able to boost their quality of life with their products like GyroGlove. He says the technology at GyroGear can be scaled for multiple applications with the inclusion of those that are currently outside of healthcare.

His company’s core objective is to restore the patient’s quality of life with the control of the limbs and the hand. For instance, stabilizing the person’s hand will help him to carry out a wide range of functions that normal people take for granted. They include writing with a pen, eating and cooking, inserting a key into a door, and retrieving coins for paying for shopping or groceries.

How does his company’s philosophy work?

He aims to integrate several components into one unit. He says the future of wearable technology is promising, and he will release products into the market soon. With the launch of his company products like GyroGlove, patients do not have to face the hassles of invasive and surgeries. The glove will induce deep stimulation to the brain and curb the incidents of involuntary shaking of the hand in the cases of essential tremors in people.

Joon Faii Ong says that GyroGlove is not limited to only being a wearable solution, but it is also a platform for data as it has a companion app for the task. Both users and patients can access this data to get a deeper insight into the progress of their condition. He says that if you take a look at patients’ records, they generally spend about one hour annually in the doctor’s office for a consultation. So, think about this- doesn’t the patient spend very little time taking care of themselves? This triggers the need for supervising the condition outside the hospital premise that can only be offered by wearable technology with success!

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