How To Deal With Vaginal Dryness


About eighty percent of women who enter menopause are affected by the symptom which is known as vaginal dryness, which can continue even in the post-menopause as well. This is a very troubling symptom for all women, because it will definitely bring down their morale and self-esteem, as they will lose the ability to have sexual intercourse.

What causes vaginal dryness?

According to the research about vaginal dryness menopause from Australian Menopause Centre and other medical experts, the main reason why vaginal dryness occurs as a symptom is because the body does not have enough estrogen to provide vital needs as well as produce fluid in the vaginal mucous membranes.

While this symptom can occur right at the beginning of menopause, it is usually more common in women who are between forty and sixty-five years old, of course, menopause is not the only reason vaginal dryness can occur, so consulting with a professional is still highly advised.

Return the smile on your face by getting rid of the symptoms

Why is this such a big problem?

Women who experience vaginal dryness often still have the desire to have sexual intercourse, however, doing so is going to be quite a painful experience, because there is no natural lubricant which was produced by estrogen.

Other than that, women also tend to experience itching, burning, and irritation while not even having intercourse, which can be quite an uncomfortable experience. Another thing which is quite problematic, is that vaginal dryness leads to increased susceptibility to infections.

An effective treatment

Because menopause symptoms were becoming quite a big issue for women since they started to be more and more common, there has been a development of a menopause treatment natural by Australian Menopause Centre along with co-operation of some very reputable scientists. That menopause treatment is used today to treat all menopause symptoms, and not just vaginal dryness.

The treatment revolves around natural hormone replacement, which is exactly what it sounds like. Since your body stops producing certain hormones once menopause begins, such as estrogen, which is the main cause of vaginal dryness; by providing those hormones to the body even if you have stopped producing these hormones on your own, all of the symptoms will go away.

That is mainly because all symptoms are a part of one big chemical reaction that your body is going through, however, while it can last for quite a long time in some cases, it is always in the best interest to simply prevent it from happening in the first place. You can learn more about this treatment at Australian Menopause Centre – Facebook, or you can consult with local professionals as well.

Enjoy your life without any menopause problems

Final Word

There is no need for women to suffer through menopause changes that nature has forced upon them, especially if they are going to have a very negative impact on their life. The hormone replacement therapy has proven quite effective, and using it is definitely a smart choice.

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