Myths And Facts About Fat Removing Procedures


While some of the fat-reducing procedures, such as liposuction, did exist 10 years ago, technology and methods have changed, and because of that, people are still not sure what kind of fat removing procedures plastic surgery can offer these days.

Non-surgical liposuction

Many people never heard there is available procedure such as non-surgical liposuction. The classical liposuction involves an incision that is quite small from where excess fat will be removed. The non-surgical liposuction does not need that instead, the doctor will use ultrasound or heat which will be applied externally, and the fat will be gradually reduced.

Your stomach can also look like this

But, did you know that the fat tissue can be reduced with cold temperatures? This procedure is known as coolsculpting or cryolipolysis. During the procedure, the doctor will apply the gel on the area that he is going to treat and then, he will put a device that will affect your fat tissue by freezing it. This way, your fat cells will lose its function, and your body with deal with the dead cells while you’ll gain a new shape.

The effective coolsculpting Melbourne cost according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne depends on the treated area and the number of sessions that you would like to do. Because the final results of treatment can be visible after a few weeks, people then decide if they are satisfied or do they need one more treatment.

An instant flat stomach and small waist

This is the most common misconception, where people think that they will get instant results, just by having any of the fat-reducing procedures. All of these procedures will help you lose weight, give you a better shape and you will notice a significant change, but these procedures are not magical. You won’t get an instant six-pack.

Be patient when it comes to final results

It’s magic!

If you, for example, undergo a liposuction procedure, there are different side effects and risks that you should know before the procedure. You should consult with your doctor and understand what you can expect. You will get great results, but not just with liposuction. You should take care of your diet and exercise.

Some people manage to change their lifestyle, but some of the fat tissue remains. Usually, this critical area is stomach, and mini tummy tuck Melbourne by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne  can be your solution. This procedure is also based on liposuction, but it is a smaller one than the other liposuction procedures.

The focus of a mini tummy tuck procedure is to remove the fat tissue on the part of the lower stomach. Many women after the pregnancy are undergoing this procedure, but also people who are fit and have this kind of stubborn fat.

Final word

Do you research before you decide what kind of procedure you want to do. With better technology, you will gain good results, but maybe you don’t need a surgical procedure. Maybe for your goals, some of the non-invasive ones will be enough.

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