Negative Effects of Bad Posture and How You Can Reverse Them


A good posture is one of the most basic things you might learn while working out, but what about bad posture? You cannot realize the importance of a good posture until you realize the dangers of a bad one. Unfortunately, bad postures are far too common even among people who have been exercising for long. The impacts could range from mild body strain to permanent damage. Have you ever thought that what you eat affects your body posture? Yes, it’s true and focused nutrients can positively affect your postures.

Impacts of Bad Posture

  1. Body Pain:

The most common negative effect of bad posture is body pain and soreness. When your body is not positioned in an optimal manner, the muscles would naturally be strained. The effect is so common that many people simply ignore it as an effect of a hard workout session. Over longer periods of time, it can manifest itself as chronic pain and severely impact your lifestyle.

  1. Bad Circulation of Fluids:

Whether you realize this or not, but numerous gases and fluids are constantly circulated within your body at all times. A bad posture can disturb the flow and disrupt the circulation of essential substances. For examples, poor blood circulation can cut down the supply of oxygen to the muscles and can cause numbness.

  1. Mental Impact:

If you think that bad posture is only a physical issue, you are wrong. Having a bad posture taxes your body and has a direct impact on your mood. People who engage in bad postures during working out (and even in their normal daily routines) are more prone to become irritated, upset or depressed. It also increases the mental stress and the negatively caused by this affects the overall mental health.

  1. Digestion Issues:

Poor posture can also give you a bad tummy. Some exceptionally bad postures can bunch all the organs together and disturb the digestive tract. A common direct impact is constipation, but other issues could also occur depending upon the type of postures. In any case, it can lead to serious metabolic issues and thus, it must not be taken lightly.

  1. Fatigue:

The body requires more energy in a bad posture compared to a good one. As such, you are more prone to feeling exhausted after working out with some particularly incorrect postures. Your muscles would always face fatigue and you will have less stamina compared to people who engage in correct postures.

Corrective Measures

As bad as the effects of bad posture are, they can still be reversed with some simple exercises. Here are some of them:

  1. Kneeling Stretch:

First, you need to kneel down on one of your knees, keeping the leg-below-knee completely attached to the ground. Now, put the other leg forward, bending at the knee. Stretch your body forward while keeping both hands on the front knee, until you feel your hips stretching. Repeat few more times with reversing the legs.

  1. X-Stretch:

Lie down on the floor with your legs in front of you, straight and parallel to each other. Take a resistance band, make an X with it and hold the ends with both the hands. Now, stretch the band by pulling your body backward, keeping your back straight.

  1. V-Stretch:

Take a resistance band and hold with between the ground and your feet. Stretch the two ends with both the hands, perpendicular to your body in the same plane. Make sure that your back remains straight while doing this.


Bad postures are, as the name signifies, bad. But having awareness and doing few simple exercises daily can save you from a lot of the negative impacts of bad posture

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